Garden sprayer (electric) - Lithium battery - 16 liters



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Electric sprayer with rechargeable Lithium battery - 16 liters 

A light syringe suitable for both professional and garden use. Easily applies, for example, the algae remover Neutralon or other products for the home and garden. 

Some facts about the syringe:

  • Light back sprayer that weighs only 3 kg
  • Rechargeable 10.8 V Lithium battery 2500mAh and the charger included
  • Charging time approx. 3 hours
  • Working hours approx. 3 hours per charge
  • Battery easily accessible for replacement / charging
  • 100 cm launch
  • Baby carrier
  • Compressor screen, spray boom with 2 nozzles and extra spray nozzles included