Ultrasonic scarer - Ultrasonic pest scarer - Works against insects, mice, rats, ants and other rodents



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Ultrasonic scare that works against insects, mice, rats, squirrels and martens without using pesticides.

Facts about the scarecrow:

  • Range up to 120 m2
  • Emits sound of 16-50 KHz with automatic frequency switching
  • When dark periodic stroboscopic light
  • Effective against insects, martens, mice and rats
  • Uses 230 V
  • Power consumption 2.7 W
  • Test button to make sure the device is working
  • Option to set for both small and large rodents and both at the same time (small rodents set to ultra, large to trans and both to duo)
  • The frequency is changed automatically so that the rodents do not get used to the sound

The scarecrow is placed centrally in the room for maximum effect. It can take up to 2-4 weeks before you experience the effect of the scarecrow.